Susan Kaak

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Mr. S.M. Kaak


Advocaat (1992)



Ventoux Advocaten

Vleutenseweg 386

3532 HW Utrecht

Tel: +31 (0) 30 298 2462


Susan specializes in litigation and transactions concerning intellectual property (IP), advertising, media, information technology (IT), privacy and sport. She represents various (national and international) clients regarding their brands, products, marketing and reputation. She focusses on the protection, exploitation and transfer of IP, IT and data as well as the status of IP assets in (inter)national financial transactions. 

She practised intellectual property at the Dutch IP Group at Clifford Chance. In 2004 she co-founded Ventoux.

Geselecteerde procedures

IEPT20170719, Rb Amsterdam, Schaatsenfabriek Viking v Viking Outdoor Footwear

IEPT20170310, Rb Amsterdam, FSEL v Verum

IEPT20170309, Rb Den Haag, Putkast v CBM

IEPT20170111, Rb Amsterdam, The Office Operators v Bouwens

IEPT20161005, Rb Rotterdam, Pour Toi v Philipp Plein
IEPT20150417, HR, Simba v Hasbro
IEPT20151125, Rb Rotterdam, Recom v TSS
IEPT20150302, Rb Rotterdam, TSS v Recom
IEPT20140617, Rb Rotterdam, Postbike v DBG
IEPT20130122, Hof Den Haag, Simba v Hasbro

IEPT20120418, Rb Den Haag, Inspirion v Pokonobe

IEPT20120131, Hof Den Haag, Makro v Diesel

IEPT20111004, Hof Amsterdam, Van Engelen v Ventoux

IEPT20100330, Rb Rotterdam, Hasbro v Simba

IEPT20100323, Hof Amsterdam, Tele2 v UPC

IEPT20100112, Hof Den Bosch, C More v MyP2P

IEPT20080812, Hof Arnhem, DEPT v Intres

IEPT20080417, Hof Den Haag, ZO Verzekeringen

IEPT20080416, Rb Den Haag, Room Seven v Zinos

IEPT20080211, BenGH, IWC v Michel

IEPT20070111, Hof Den Haag, Viking

IEPT20070730, Rb Rotterdam, My Little Pony

IEPT20040909, Hof Amsterdam, KPN v Tele2 - Wedden Dat

IEPT20020131, Hof Amsterdam, RedForest v KPN

IEPT20010629, HR, MB v Impag