Ariana Grande aangeklaagd voor schending auteursrecht door foto's van haarzelf te posten op Instagram

Print this page 16-05-2019

Ariana grande 1.pngariana grande 2.pngPetaPixel bericht: "Ariana Grande made headlines a couple of months ago for striking back at “greedy photographers” with a concert tour photo contract that demands full copyright to photos. Now the singer is being sued by a photographer for posting his photos of her without permission on Instagram. 




The photographer just filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Grande yesterday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. The photographer is demanding either $25,000 for each of the photos or profits Grande generated from posting it to her 154+ million followers on Instagram. The post had racked up at least 3,392,079 likes prior to being taken down, according to the lawsuit."


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