WIPO seminar op 29 oktober 2019 in Genève

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Seminar on "The Hague System: Insights into Refusals and New Developments, Opportunities", 29 oktober 2019, WIPO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. 

"The Seminar will focus on national procedures for international registrations of certain major examining jurisdictions, such as Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation and the United States of America.  There will be a roundtable on such procedures, in particular, on the issuance of refusals to international registrations by the concerned Offices in these examining jurisdictions.  In addition, an update will be provided on the recent practical developments of the Hague System – the ongoing modernization and improvement of e-tools, including a detailed introduction to the new features of eHague, the Hague System’s electronic application filing tool.


Finally, a Practitioner in the field of industrial design will share practical experiences and views on successful filing strategies as well as the advantages of the Hague System for SMEs and multinationals.  You will have the opportunity to interact with Hague Registry experts and invited speakers, seek advice and share opinions, experiences and ideas.


Who should attend?

The Seminar is for representatives from the private sector, SMEs, attorneys, IP practitioners, users and potential users of the Hague System.  If you are looking to sharpen your filing strategies, improve your knowledge of the Hague System, learn about its features and advantages, or want to know all about the latest changes to the international registration system of industrial designs, then this Seminar is the event for you.


Seminar highlights

Topics that will be covered during the Seminar include: 

  • Insights into refusals issued by designated offices represented by experts from the Republic of Korea, Japan, the Russian Federation and the United States of America;
  • A general overview on recent legal and other related developments of the Hague System;
  • A general updated overview of Hague eServices, including a detailed interactive exercise of filing procedures;
  • New opportunities for designations due to the potential expansion of the Hague System; and
  • Sharing by a Hague user, an external speaker from the private sector.




Organizational information

Participants or the administrations that they represent are responsible for organizing their own entry visa (where applicable) and accommodation arrangements. General information regarding accommodation in Geneva is available through the Geneva Tourism.




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